Makkah bakeries ensuring sufficient supply during curfew

Saturday, April 4, 2020

JEDDAH: Bakeries in Makkah are working around the clock to supply all of the city’s neighborhoods and markets with bread.

The Saudi government extended a 24-hour curfew on Makkah and Madinah from April 2 until further notice.

Residents of both cities are allowed to leave their homes only for necessities such as health care requirements and food supplies.

Bakeries are producing large quantities of various types of bread, and many are using mobile apps to receive orders for delivery to homes.

“The bakeries are providing large quantities of bread, while the municipality is monitoring their operations on a daily basis,” said Makkah resident Khalid Bakhsh.

“Workers are using sanitizers, wearing medical face masks and gloves, and adhering to all the health requirements imposed by the municipality.”

Makkah resident Ali Harbi said: “A number of the city’s bakeries are meeting the needs of citizens and residents by delivering bread and baked goods orders they receive through mobile apps.”

Bakery owner Hussain Abdullah said: “Flour is available in large quantities. Bread is an essential and indispensable product to everyone.”

He added that his bakery “is working at full capacity around the clock, while workers are respecting all the health requirements.”

On March 17, Ministry of Commerce inspection teams reaffirmed abundance of goods in more than 3,500 hypermarkets nationwide.

Makkah municipality is monitoring all bakeries daily to ensure that they are abiding by all health requirements.

It is urging all citizens and residents not to gather in front of bakeries, so as to prevent the spread of coronavirus.