Grand Mosque being sterilized round the clock to receive Umrah performers

Monday, August 2, 2021

MAKKAH — The Technical and Service Authority at the Grand Mosque has intensified its preparations for the Umrah season through conducting sterilization and scenting processes for the Grand Mosque and its parks round the clock to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

More than 4,000 workers sterilize the Grand Mosque and its outdoor parks and facilities more than 10 times a day with the use of the best sterilizers and perfumes that were brought especially for the Grand Mosque.

Almost 60,000 liters of environment-friendly sterilizers are used daily during washing and some 1,200 liters of perfumes and 470 tools and washing machines to sterilize the Grand Mosque.

The Authority also enhanced its preventive and precautionary procedures to protect visitors of the Grand Mosque from the virus, where field teams work round the clock to implement these procedures precisely to maintain the safety of Umrah performers and visitors.

The Authority also uses more than 550 tools and pumps to sterilize the floors and door handles, in addition to around 500 electronic soap trays that work with movement detection.

Also, there are 11 robots with artificial intelligence features and 20 devices for bio-care for sterilization through dry steam and 20 devices for sterilization through cold fog. — SPA