Gov't extends license of companies that send pilgrims to Umrah

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Umrah companies in Maldives have received an extension of their license.

The Islamic Ministry stated that the companies authorized to send pilgrims to Umrah were given authorization to do so for two years, under Section 4(b) of the guidelines through which pilgrims are sent to Umrah. However, because these companies were unable to arrange travel in 2020 and more than half of 2021, due to Covid-19, they have been given permission to do so, with an extension of a time period of one year, under Section 24 of the guidelines.

The Islamic Ministry made this decision after the Saudi Arabian government announced that they are allowing pilgrims to enter the country after completing vaccination, following the Saudi government’s discussion with Maldives Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, in an attempt to ease the path of travel for those who wish to travel for worship, due to the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic.

The Foreign Ministry has urged all citizens to follow the protocol set by the Saudi government if they wish to take part in an excursion to Umrah.

Therefore, according to guidelines set for pilgrims, reservations are to be made before proceeding from the two ‘Muqaddas Haram’ or any other sites and a negative PCR test result is to be submitted 72 hours prior to arrival.

Furthermore, pilgrims are required to quarantine in their accommodation facilities for a total of three days, once they arrive.

The Foreign Ministry stated that pilgrims must be aged between 18-50 in order to take part in trips to Umrah, in accordance to the protocols set by the Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, those who take part in the pilgrimage to Umrah, are requested by the Foreign Ministry to follow all rules set by the Saudi Government during their stay.