Pre-registered, registered people can perform hajj if Covid situation improves

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

State Minister for Religious Affair Md Faridul Haque Khan has said that those who have already got pre-registered and registered will be able to go to hajj on priority basis in Saudi Arabia if the coronavirus situation improves in 2022 and Bangladesh gets permission to send pilgrims for hajj.

He said this while addressing an inter-ministerial meeting at the ministry in Dhaka on Wednesday afternoon, a press release said.

Due to the global pandemic, hajj was held allowing pilgrims of Saudi Arabia within a limited scale in 2020 and 2021. No pilgrims from other countries got a chance to perform hajj, he said.

Faridul further said if any pre-registered and registered person wants to withdraw their deposited money, they can by applying proper procedures.

A total of 3,457 people got registered in 2020 to go to hajj under the government management, and of them, 658 canceled their registrations and received refunds, he said, adding that 2,700 people were currently registered.

The state minister also said 61,142 people were registered in 2020 for hajj under private management. Of them, 7,719 received refunds by canceling their registrations, and currently 53,423 people were registered.

Religious Affairs Secretary Dr Md Nurul Islam and representatives of different ministries and hajj agencies were present at the meeting.