Over 500,000 people allowed to pray in Rawdah Sharif in Ramadan

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

MADINAH — Workers at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques are exerting organizational efforts to facilitate the entry of worshippers to the Noble Rawdah Sharif according to booking times, in addition to working on ensuring flexibility in the entrance of worshippers to visit the tomb of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and his two companions, in atmospheres of spirituality and tranquility.

Works of organizing prayers in the Noble Rawdah during Ramadan includes issuing praying permits in the Rawdah Sharif for men and women through Eatmarna and Tawakkalna applications, with an average daily permits of 16,980 till Ramadan 20, while the last 10 days of Ramadan will witness the issuance of 11,095 permits daily, which totals 517,702 permits during Ramadan and on the Eid night.

The Presidency set the timing and gates to sort and allow access of worshippers to Rawdah Sharif during Ramadan, where men can enter during the morning times from the yard of Door 38, and during the night times from the yard of Door 2, while the presidency set Door 24 for women's entry during the morning times and doors 24 and 37 for them to enter during the night times.

The Presidency noted that the plan to organize the times of visits and pray at the Holy Rawdah during Ramadan includes the entry of visitors to visit Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and his two companions from Al-Salam Gate (No. 1).

And also organizing them through special tracks to reduce overcrowding and facilitate the movement of crowds, where men can enter and visit Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and his two companions without a previous booking. — SPA


Source: https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/619032/SAUDI-ARABIA/Over-500000-people-allowed-to-pray-in-Rawdah-Sharif-in-Ramadan