Traffic Directorate answers pilgrims' FAQs about Makkah’s central area

Saturday, April 9, 2022

RIYADH — The General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) answered on Saturday the pilgrims' frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the way to get in the central area of Makkah during Umrah season in 1443 AH.

The Muroor said that the pilgrim who is authorized to perform Umrah through Eatmarna app cannot reach the central area of the Holy Mosque with his own vehicle, unless he has a reservation for a private parking space for his vehicle at his residence, and it is a must to show a proof of that.

There are five safe parking areas allocated for vehicles coming from outside Makkah at the entrances to Makkah, the Muroor said, while confirming the possibility of using round-trip public transport buses to the Holy Mosque.

The parking and the round-trip public transport buses can be easily accessed by scanning the barcode specified for each stop and Makkah residents can access the (9) internal parkings and stations.

The Muroor confirmed that there are no fees for the parking spaces and it is a free service for authorized Umrah performers' vehicles.

The private transportation vehicles (taxis) are allowed to deliver authorized pilgrims to their place of residence, and to enter the central area of the Holy Mosque of Makkah, the Muroor said.

The Muroor warned that anyone caught while performing Umrah without a permit will be fined with SR10,000.

The Ministry of Interior and the public security had stressed earlier that pilgrims wishing to perform Umrah must issue an Umrah permit through Tawakkalna or Eatamarna apps, as they warned that Umrah will not be allowed without obtaining a permit.

The Ministry has restricted the minimum age for issuing permits to perform Umrah and pray at Al-Rawdah Sharifa to be limited only to children aged 5 and over.