Banu Anif Mosque in Madinah

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Madinah is home to many Islamic historical sites closely related to the journey of Prophet Muhammad. It was witness to various exploits and stories documented in Islamic history and mentioned in the noble Hadith.

Among these sites is the Banu Anif Mosque, located southwest of the Quba Mosque. It is a prominent place for Madinah visitors during their journeys of faith for Hajj and Umrah.

Historical researcher Fouad bin Dhaif Allah Al-Maghamisi said that the mosque belongs to the Banu Anif people, who have alliances with Banu Amr bin Auf from the Aws, the people of Quba, adding that it is told that Prophet Muhammad used to visit the great companion Talha Al-Bara there.

During the reign of King Salman, the Banu Anif Mosque underwent restoration that preserved the shape of its historic stone building. It was part of a restoration project that included several historical mosques in the Kingdom in general and Madinah in particular, within the Saudi National Program for the Care of Historic Mosques.

The Banu Anif Mosque is open for worshipers and visitors around the clock, and many historians and researchers interested in Prophet Muhammad’s journey often visit the site.