Those who want to go on the Hajj from BiH this Year should set aside 12 thousand BAM

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has determined that the price of going to this year’s Hajj is 12.000 BAM.

This decision was made by the Riyaset at yesterday‘s 8th extraordinary session dedicated to the organization of this year’s hajj, held under the chairmanship of Deputy Reisul-Ulema Enes-ef. Ljevakovic.

The explanation mentioned that the price was determined after a thorough analysis of all costs and taking into account the fact that there was a large increase in the prices of accommodation, domestic transport, and the cost of state taxes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At yesterday‘s session, a proposal was adopted for the appointment of the Hajj leadership, as well as the guide and medical service. Also, the offers and the right air carrier for the pilgrims were considered, and the offers for the accommodation of the pilgrims in Mecca and Medina were adopted, writes.