Cooking gas use banned in holy sites

Monday, June 19, 2023

RIYADH — The General Directorate of Civil Defense has confirmed a ban on the entry and usage of all kinds and sizes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into the pilgrims' tents and the offices of government agencies within the holy sites.

The ban came into force on Monday, which marks the first day of Dhu Al-Hijjah month, corresponding to the 19th of June.

The Civil Defense clarified that the decision comes within the framework of preventive measures it imposes to combat the dangers of fires in pilgrim camps in the holy sites.

The decision will be implemented in coordination with the security authorities. The Civil Defense said all forms of LPG cylinders, including the small ones used for heating water, will be seized.

and legal measures will be taken against anyone who violates the ban.

The prevention and safety supervision teams of the Civil Defense will follow up to ensure that the ban is strictly observed inside the holy sites of Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat through field inspection tours that will also cover all the officers of government agencies and commercial establishments.