Umrah performers in 2022 reached 24,715,307; while total Hajj pilgrims is 926,062

Monday, June 19, 2023

RIYADH — The total number of Umrah performers in 2022 reached 24,715,307, while the total number of internal and external Hajj pilgrims reached 926,062 pilgrims in the same year, the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) announced.

GASTAT’s announcement came during issuing two reports for Umrah and Hajj statistics for the year 2022/1443 Hijri.

Umrah statistics showed that 9,517,829 out of 24,715,307 is the number of Umrah performers who performed Umrah once in 2022.

According to the Umrah report, the total number of external Umrah performers reached 8,372,429.

The number of male Umrah performers was 3,700,785, which accounted for 44.20%, while the number of female Umrah performers reached 4,671,644, accounting for 55.80%.

The result showed that the total number of internal Umrah performers reached 16,342,878, of whom Saudis accounted for 6,642,881 or 40.65%, and non-Saudis accounted for 9,699,997 or 59.35%.

The result also showed that the number of internal male Umrah performers reached 11,033,994, accounting for 67.52%, while the percentage of females reached 32.48%.

According to the same report, the highest number of Umrah performers was in April, in which the number of internal Umrah performers reached 5,479,637.

Makkah Region recorded the highest number of internal Umrah performers, which reached 10,270,637.

As for the Hajj statistics, it showed that the percentage of external pilgrims in 2022 reached 84.4% of the total pilgrims, with 781,409 pilgrims, who came through various ports, while the percentage of internal pilgrims reached 15.6% with 144,653 pilgrims.

According to the Hajj report, the number of internal male pilgrims reached 77,776 pilgrims, while the number of internal female pilgrims reached 66,877. The number of external male pilgrims reached 421,999, while the number of external female pilgrims reached 359,410.

The result showed that pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia via air transport reached 94.7% of the total number of pilgrims, while land transport constituted 4.5%, and sea transport recorded the lowest percentage by 0.8%.

The result also indicated that the number of labor force participating in serving pilgrims exceeded 236,000 male and female employees.

The number of labor force in the general services sector was 73,556, in the medical services sector 26,392, and in the transportation services sector 19,421, while the total labor force in the communications sector reached 3,728 workers.

The number of medical facilities and teams inside Makkah, Madinah, and the Holy Sites reached 900 medical facilities and teams, to provide emergency and hospitalization services to more than 22,000 pilgrims.

Cardiac catheterization, dialysis and other surgical operations were also provided to more than 1,904 pilgrims.

Vaccination campaigns were implemented for pilgrims and workers in various groups and the population of Makkah and Madinah, with a total of 120,423 medical vaccines.

GASTAT issues Hajj and Umrah statistics annually based on administrative records in government and private entities concerned with serving Umrah performers and pilgrims.

These records include data for Hajj permits for internal and external pilgrims. The data is provided according to a unified form that includes data on manpower and medical services according to temporal and spatial reference. — SPA