SAHUC Provides Brief Explanation of Contentious R 1,500 Hajj Registration Fee

Monday, February 18, 2019

Following the release of The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC)’s first accreditation list for Hajj 2019/1440, a number of questions have been raised about the R 1,500 registration fee imposed by the hajj body on pilgrims. During a roadshow at the Image Lifestyle Centre in Fordsburg on Saturday, Sahuc provided a brief explanation to the large crowd about the contentious fee.

Sahuc President Ml Muhammad Vaid says no member of the hajj body benefits from the R 1,500 registration fee.

Ml Vaid says that a few years ago, Sahuc had a negative current balance and actually owed money to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “The funds that are in Sahuc indirectly belongs to the Hujjaj of South Africa and are determined to be used for the benefit of the Hujjaj of our country. I would like to also place on record, in the budget forecast for the last two years, this fee has been subsidized by Sahuc.”

Ml Vaid says majority of the funds have been used to offset the expenditure of the mission.

“What is the mission, what will the mission entail, details of this will be explained in our second roadshow at a time that will be closer to the time of Hajj, where we would like to get maximum amount of accredited Hujjaj where information will be given as to what you would expect from Sahuc.”

Members of Sahuc have just returned from a protocol mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they had a series of discussions with various stakeholders including the Minister of Hajj and the Moassassa in preparation for the upcoming 2019/1440 hajj.