Ministry of Islamic Affairs employs female staff to serve pilgrims

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

MINA — The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance has recruited dozens of female staffers to provide services to women pilgrims in various mosques at the holy sites and meeqats (boundaries where pilgrims enter in the state of ihram)) during the current Hajj season.

The move is in line with the ministry’s mission to empower Saudi women in various fields that accomplish the ministry’s mission and general objectives.

The ministry stated that since the beginning of the Hajj season women teams have started rendering services and supervising the work of companies operating at various meeqats and their mosques, manning women’s prayer areas, applying health protocols, and participating in awareness and guidance programs.

The women teams participate in receiving women pilgrims and managing the entry and exit of pilgrims in mosques at the holy sites. They also distribute meals at meeqats and take part in an initiative to ensure adherence to the precautionary measures and preventive protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The ministry continues its work to serve the pilgrims, with the participation and presence of a remarkable number of women cadres who perform many tasks, the most important of which is related to the women’s areas in the mosques of the holy sites and meeqats in addition to undertaking awareness and guidance services.