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30 Aug 2017

Holy Kaaba joins Twitter

The Holy Kaaba, the holiest site for Muslims across the world, has joined Twitter. The timing of the launch of the Twitter account coincides with the Haj pilgrimage season in Saudi Arabia.

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25 Aug 2017

Increased Hajj quota comes as relief for Indonesians despite mammoth waiting list

JAKARTA: There is a huge demand from Indonesians to perform Hajj, since they form the largest Muslim population in the world, but to be able to go on one is not an easy matter. Most of those who want to go have to endure tedious years of waiting, and much also depends on where they live. Residents in Bantaeng, a regency in Southeast Sulawesi, have to wait the longest — until

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21 Aug 2017

Zul Hijjah crescent moon not sighted

The moon has not been spotted today according to a tweet sent out by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The Supreme Court said that the 'Zul Hija Crescent not sighted'.

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